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How To Mix Metal Finishes in the Kitchen Like a Pro?

Dec 11


Metallic finishes enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Mixing metal finishes in the kitchen is a great idea if you enjoy cooking in an elegant setting. It will give you the most motivation to cook. You can also invite friends to your home and cook delicious meals in a beautiful kitchen.


Many homeowners are confused about how to mix metal finishes in their kitchens. Designers know how to combine different finishes in a kitchen to create a unique look. When designing kitchens, mismatching is a common mistake. Atlanta kitchen remodeling company will ensure that your kitchen has the perfect metal combination.

What You Need to Do?

Mixing metal finishes like an expert is difficult. You need to learn how to mix metal finishes like a pro. You don't need to do everything yourself in today's world. Professional and expert designers are available. 7-Day Kitchen can help you determine which metal finishes are best for each position.


Style is your goal. You don't need to worry about how an expert mixes the finishes. As long as your kitchen is stylish, it should be. For those who are interested in doing it themselves, the right information is crucial. You need to know the basics of mixing metal finishes in your kitchen. You can choose the best metal finish for your kitchen by following each of these elements.

Search for metal finishes in the other rooms

Mixing metal finishes in the kitchen is a smart move. Go for the dominant metal finish. You may be asking yourself, "How do I determine which metal finish is most dominant?" This is done by looking in other rooms of your home for metal finishes. When you are mixing metal finishes in your kitchen, the most important thing is connection. This is the act of connecting metal finishes in rooms and metal finishes inside the kitchen.


It doesn't mean that you have to match every metal finish in your home. For your kitchen finishing, make sure to use at least two to three of the metal finishes in your home. Coordinate metal finishes in every room of your house just as you coordinate the colors. Because the dominant metal finishes are already in other rooms, it won't be a problem choosing them. You can choose from different metal finishes depending on what style you want..


When you use metal finishes in your kitchen, coordination is crucial. Both metal and non-metal finishes have a major impact on the overall look of your kitchen. It is important to coordinate both metal and nonmetal finishes. To make it easier to coordinate, find the common connection between the finishes. Mismatching can result from not taking into consideration different finishes. It's a shame, I know.


However, coordination is not required for all finishes. There are many other metal finishes. These are well worth the effort. Amazing metal finishes are available for kitchens. But, using them all in unison will not show their incredible beauty. Focus on one finish. All the metal finishes can be linked to this one metal finish. This will make your kitchen overall look complete.

Avoid too many metals

You can mix different metal finishes in your kitchen if you are skilled at it. The overall design of your kitchen will be affected if you use too many metals. You won't want to paint your house with too many colors. There is no need for excess metals in the finishing. You don't need to have excess metals for finishing. Instead, choose the minimal metals you can quickly and efficiently coordinate to achieve the style you want.


Sometimes, too many metals are not a problem. Balance is the main problem with too many metals. What should you do if you're new to mixing metal finishes? To achieve perfect results, you should only use a few metals. You shouldn't make pieces look out of place because you have used too many metals to finish the job. To create the most beautiful kitchen, you can use a combination of a few metals and have a great balance between them. You will face more secondary complications if you reduce the number of metals that you use.

Add a statement metal finish

Are you looking for a kitchen that combines metal finishes with a more striking feature? This can be difficult to decide on. Talk to an expert about which kitchen element you should choose. Many people are quick to assume that they can mix metal finishes in their kitchen. However, it can be difficult to do so. It is difficult to choose the style you want.


Be clear about the style you prefer before mixing metals. It is crucial to combine metals in one dominant metal finish. This will allow you to create complementary aspects. It requires an extraordinary piece. This type of metal piece should stand out from all other pieces. A standout selection must be bold and large. For an exceptional metal finish, a small piece of metal will not work.

Mixing is more difficult if you don't consider the texture.

What texture would you like for your finish? There are many textures that you can choose from:

  • Brushed
  • Polishes
  • Oiled

Mixing metal finishes at home can be done by the chef. A polished surface displays smooth and shiny characteristics. Expect a darker finish for a brushed surface. The brushed texture makes sure that every piece of the kitchen is in harmony. For those who desire to highlight the best aspects of the finish, a brushed texture is not the right choice.


The oily texture is darker in color. This gives the kitchen an antique look. The kitchen's style is enhanced by the use of different textures. There are many options, as different people have different tastes. Now, we don't need to have a matte or polished kitchen. It's amazing to see how people incorporate other textures into their kitchens. 

Be consistent

For those who mix metal finishes, consistency is key. No matter if you're an expert or a beginner, consistency is key to achieving a clear finish. There will be confusion between finishes. You can't tell who you want to finish with if there isn't consistency. Don't use more metal finishes if you don't want to. These metal finishes may not be used in kitchen finishing.


What happens if you don't know what texture you want but have the right metals? Inconsistency can result. When you mix metal finishes in your kitchen, everything should match.  Atlanta kitchen remodeling company ensures you get a similar result in the end.