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What Gadgets Are in a Limo?

Dec 2

If you have ever wondered what gadgets are in a limo, you are not alone. These vehicles are loaded with high-tech gadgets to make your ride more exciting. For example, you can arrange strobe flashes and artificial smoke in the interior. You can also enjoy electric shock door handles or a Laser beam show.

Filling the interior space with artificial smoke

While it is possible to enjoy an intimate, semi-dark experience in a limo, it is not recommended. Besides, the odour of smoke can linger for hours. As a result, most limo companies prohibit smoking inside their vehicles. Some companies even charge a cleaning fee for vehicles that have been smoking in. However, most limo chauffeurs will allow you to smoke outside the vehicle if you want to.

Laser beams

Laser beams in a limousine can add a dazzling light show to your night out. These high-tech lights can also be used to help with the safety of passengers. Proms and weddings are a great time to have a limousine with laser light shows. These vehicles also feature interior and exterior strobe lights and Bluetooth technology. Many of them also have a bar area and plenty of glasses and ice.

Electric shock door handles

If you want to feel the electrifying sensation of electrical shock while opening and closing your car door, then you've come to the right place. A US company called AddArmor has developed a fully armoured Aston Martin Vantage limousine. It is powered by a V8 engine and is fully equipped with Bond-style gadgets and features. It is also equipped with electrified door handles.

Having a limo driver monitor occupants

For drivers who are involved in interstate commerce, a key part of safety in a limo is monitoring the occupants. If the limo driver sees something that is disturbing or inappropriate, he or she may ask them to settle down or leave. In extreme cases, this could cause a cancellation of the contract. Likewise, the driver may ask passengers to calm down or sit down if a passenger becomes abusive.

A driver's monitoring system should have a feature that lets them monitor the occupants. In addition, a good limo app should allow them to leave feedback, view vehicle details, and even manage their own profiles. It should also have a feature for registering new drivers and ensuring that they are trustworthy. In addition, it should also let drivers start and stop trips, cancel trips, and check their driving records. This feature should be easy to access from the home screen.