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Mount Wellington

Jul 1

About Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is a mountain in the southeast of Tasmania, Australia. This 1,271-meter tall peak has been covered with snow on various occasions throughout summer and does not have much vegetation nearby due to its higher elevations which make for great hiking opportunities when it's warmer out!

Mount Wellington, also known as KUNANYI in Australia and Hurunui by Maori people who believe it to be an ancient mountain god of their tribe. The 4th highest peak on Earth at 1,271 meters (4ificantly towering over others around it) with snowfall that sometimes lasts into summer creating surreal scenes like nothing else seen before or since!


What to do in Mount Wellington

Wellington Park is a special place. It’s not managed like other national parks, but with its own set of rules that make it even more unique and wonderful! One thing you'll love about visiting this park? You can bring your dog along for the ride too- which means there will always be some good times ahead if we all get together on our next walk outdoors.

The view from Mount Wellington is one that will be burned into your mind for life. You can see everything: trees covered in snow, villages and townships down below as far as the eye can see; other mountains towering over them all like giants reminding us how small we really are--but also what great things happen when people come together to share their love of nature!

The Pinnacle shelter at the summit is open to the public during the summer months (daylight savings) from 8 am - 8 pm. It has barbecues, picnic areas and bushwalking trails for all fitness levels which are sure not only bring you closer to nature but also make great places in which to enjoy a relaxing day out with family or friends!

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